Monday, 19 February 2018
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Some PRACTICAL INFORMATION upon your arrival to Santiago.

To enter the country those participants with a passport from US, Canada, Mexico or Australia have to pay some amont of money before passing International Police. For additional information please go to Santiago Airport and click Procedures-Arrivals .

Most of the participants will stay at one of the following four hotels:

  • Hotel Torremayor ,
    322 Ricardo Lyon Ave. , Santiago,
  • Hotel Eurotel
    285 Guardia Vieja Ave., Santiago,
  • Hotel Santiago Park Plaza
    207 Ricardo Lyon Ave. , Santiago,
  • Hostal Don Alfredo
    2360 Alberto Haenkel Ave, Santiago.

To go from the airport to those hotels you can do the following. After exiting the custom exit door ( but still inside the airport) go to your right. You will find many counters where you can request a minivan service from the airport to your hotel. Usually they take 5 to 6 persons per ride (around 8 dollars each, better to have pesos here to pay). Also at some of the counters they offer a taxi service airport - hotel (around 20 dollars in total, also better to have pesos to pay).

Concerning meals, you can of course have dinner at the Hotels Park Plaza, Torremayor or Eurotel, but in the neighborhood of these hotels, at Av Providencia, there are many good restaurants.

The Centro de Modelamiento Matematico (CMM) is located at Blanco Encalada 2120, 7th floor, at the intersection of Blanco Encalada ave. and Beaucheff ave. Phone: (56 2) 6784525.

The rooms for PASI 2005 - America VI as well as the registration office will be located at the 1th and 2th floor in the same building.

How to come from the Hotels to the CMM? The most convenient way is by using the metro subway from Los Leones Station.

Los Leones Station is located half a block from Hotel Park Plaza, Hotel Torremayor is 1 block distance from Los Leones Station, Hotel Eurotel is 2 blocks distance from Los Leones Station, and Hostal don Alfredo is located 7 blocks from that Station.

At Los Leones Station enter line 1 of the metro subway and go in the direction San Pablo.
Get off at Los Heroes Station to commute to line 2 in the direction La Cisterna.
Get off at O'Higgins Park Station (second stop from Los Heroes station), and go left to reach Parque O'Higgins (100 meters) . Walk through this park to exit it at the first door on the right, you are at Tupper st. Walk along Tupper st. one long block to reach Beaucheff av. Turn right here and walk a block to reach the intersection of Blanco Encalada ave. and Beaucheff ave.

The chilean peso is the official currency in Chile, its rate of exchage respect to the dollar is around 620 pesos by dollar, but it can fluctuate. You can exchange dollars by pesos at the airport as well as at any bank. Also there are some exchange money places where one can get better prices, near the hotels there are many of those places. They are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also exchange money at the big malls in Santiago.

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